Saddam Hussein discusses chemical weapons attack in 1991 tape

A recently released tape recording by the CIA has revealed that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein met with his staff to discuss weapons of mass destruction in January 1991.

At the time, President George H.W. Bush had just delivered an ultimatum to Hussein to withdraw his troops from Kuwait by January 15 or face the consequences. A week before the deadline, Hussein met with Muzahim Sa'b Hasan al Masiri and his son-in-law, Husayn Kamil, who was responsible for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, Town Hall reports.

Hussein tape recorded the conversation and more than a dozen years later, the recording was discovered by the Iraq Survey Group and translated. The tape was attached to a 2004 report by Charles Duelfer, a special assistant to the director of the CIA on Iraq's WMD programs. The translation of the tape is posted on the CIA's website.

"I want to make sure - close the door (sound of door slamming) - the germ and chemical warheads, as well as the chemical and germ bombs are available to the 'concerned people,' so that in case we ordered an attack, they can do it without missing any of their targets," Hussein said, according to Town Hall.

Kamil spoke about how the chemical weapons would be deployed while Hussein asked when the missiles would be ready.

"So, we qualify that the missiles, by tomorrow, will be ready on the 15th," Hussein said, according to Town Hall.

According to Town Hall, the existence of this tape has been largely ignored by the media.