Canadian man given indefinite prison term over ricin-laced water

A Lebanese-born man who was convicted of 11 counts of attempted murder for sending poisoned water and letter bombs to multiple targets has been labeled a dangerous offender in Canada, receiving an indefinite prison term.

Arnaout was an aspiring actor. In July 2004, he sent water tainted with ricin to two talent agencies he felt weren't advancing his career. He also sent the tainted water to a judge and the CIBC. He dropped off a homemade bomb at the home of a one-time roommate that left his former roommate with cuts to his feet and arms. He also sent a bomb to his former lawyer and to a former landlord, the Record reports.

"I reject the suggestion that Mr. Arnaout is willing to change, or has developed any insight into his condition," Ducharme said, according to the Record. "Sadly, he has not."

According to Superior Court Justice Todd Ducharme, Adel Arnaout has major problems with revenge-oriented thinking and controlling his anger along with a "greatly magnified sense of his own victimhood." In addition to 11 attempted murder charges in Guelph and Toronto, Arnaout also possessed three explosive devices in the trunk of his car.

Ducharme said that effective therapeutic supervision would be difficult and that Arnaout continued to scribble notes about making bombs while in custody waiting to be arrested.

"The fact that he engaged in this behavior and so resolutely maintains that he was justified in so doing, underscores how difficult it will be to control his risk through supervision and therapeutic intervention," Ducharme said, according to the Record.

Arnaout will be able to apply for parole after seven years, though a very low percentage of dangerous offenders ever get released.