Conn. Superior Court Building closed after white powder found

Connecticut State Police recently closed down the Superior Court Building in Meriden, Connecticut, after a white powder was reported to have been found near its front doors.

Biohazard units and the major crimes squad of the state police were sent to the scene in the early morning to investigate the suspicious powder, according to

A spokesman for the state police said that troopers arrived, secured the scene and are currently conducting an investigation. The substance was immediately taken to a lab for testing. A court spokesman said that it remained unclear as to how long the courthouse would remain closed.

Field tests on the substance showed nothing hazardous, but investigators are waiting for lab results before announcing anything conclusive.

Prisoners were removed from the building as a precaution after a prosecutor noticed the powder on his way to work.

The Meriden health department closed the courthouse for at least a full day. Court was never called into session because the powder was reported before the building officially opened, reports.

No injuries were reported and it remains unclear as to whether the powder was deposited at the location on purpose, though a police spokesman said it was found inside a package near the courthouse.