White powder sent to Florida Girl Scouts council office

According to a state laboratory in Florida, a suspicious white powder delivered on Tuesday to the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council office in Jacksonville does not contain any harmful agents.

The contents of the package opened on Tuesday morning prompted an evacuation of the office. Because the package was addressed to a particular employee, an office in Gainesville was evacuated as well as a safety precaution. An employee at the Jacksonville office opened the package just before 11 a.m., the Florida Times-Union reports.

"There is no one in any physical distress or ailment or anything, but we are taking all precautionary measures," Melissa Bujeda, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff's office, said, according to the Florida Times-Union.

Police blocked off Shearer Avenue at Post St. and firefighters in sealed yellow and white environmental suits entered the building to examine the situation. Police searched the building for anything else suspicious as the powder was transported to a state laboratory for analysis.

Fire officials cleared the scene by 2 p.m., though the 40 employees at the Jacksonville office and those at the Gainesville office did not return to work until Wednesday morning.

The Girl Scouts organization is in the midst of celebrating its 100th anniversary.