Englands shadow defense secretary warns of lack of biopreparedness

England's shadow defense secretary has warned the United Kingdom that the country is unprepared for a bioterror attack.

Shadow Defense Secretary Jim Murphy predicted that fanatics armed with deadly biological agents such as anthrax or smallpox pose a greater threat to British security than those with conventional explosives, according to the Mirror.

Murphy presented his assessment at the launch of the Labor party's new defense review. The former Europe minister sees the changes being brought about by the Arab Spring as potentially making the world a more dangerous place, with terrorists able to choose among numerous weak and failing states for safe havens.

Meanwhile, England's response to a doomsday-type attack remains untested while scientific advances are poised to give terrorists new means of delivering existing biological agents.

"Bioterrorism both exposes significant weaknesses in our security architecture and is a threat which could cause mass suffering," Mr. Murphy said during his speech, the Mirror reports. "It is unclear whether the UK and out allies are sufficiently prepared. Existing international organizations have not been tested to respond to an attack with the potential scope and complexity of a mass bioterrorist incident, which there are limited international stocks of vaccine."