India approves formation of a CBRN response center

The government of India has approved the formation of a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials center that will manage potential CBRN disasters.

The center will be established by the Defense Research and Development Organization. The DRDO has developed more than 60 technologies and products for CBRN defense that are produced by defense public sector undertakings, ordnance factories and the private sector before supplying the armed forces, the Daily Pioneer reports.

W Selvamurthy, the chief controller of research and development for the DRDO, said during a two day seminar on Saturday and Sunday that the government approved the center and training by the DRDO. The facility will also be an arm of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences.

The mandate of the center is to provide quality training to police, paramilitary, military and civilian first responders to handle CBRN emergencies and eventualities. The DRDO has also developed and produced shelters for troops who have to fight in a chemical, biological or nuclear environment.

Jeremy Browne, the minister of state for the Foreign and Commonwealth office of the United Kingdom, participated in the seminar after India and the U.K. signed a letter of arrangement in September. The letter said that the two countries would pursue collaborative research and development through joint programs utilizing industry and academia, according to the Daily Pioneer.