ITT Exelis and Altapure announce new disinfection system

ITT Exelis and Altapure, LLC., recently announced the joint introduction of a new advanced disinfection system, the Altapure nebulizer, designed to decontaminate military, medical and other critical equipment and infrastructure.

The two companies began cooperating seven years ago to develop the Altapure nebulizer, a portable nebulizer that can eradicate viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi in less than 10 minutes, according to

Exelis altered its piezoelectric ceramic-based technology, initially developed for use in underwater sensors, to give the nebulizer the capability to fully disinfect areas, equipment and electronics. The system was recently tested in hospital settings, and the two companies plan to offer the product for commercial and defense applications.

"After seeing the nebulizer's impact in select hospitals across the country, we realized the system could make a real difference in many areas," Exelis Vice President Chris Bernhardt said, reports. "From treating contaminated public buildings and military aircraft that have been subjected to biological agents, to disinfecting tainted food and keeping food processing facilities clean, we see many ways our piezoelectric ceramic technology can provide safer environments through the Altapure nebulizer."

The nebulizer uses an entirely automated method that decreases the risk of human exposure to potential pathogens. It delivers a cloud of sub-micron droplets that are non-corrosive and leave no residue. Rooms treated by the Altapure can be reoccupied in less than 30 minutes.

"With its history of innovation and proven expertise in sophisticated product development, Exelis is the perfect partner for us," Carl L. Ricciardi, Altapure's co-founder and president, said, reports. "Our relationship will enable Altapure to expand into many markets."