Basson to tell his side of the story at fundraising dinner

Dr. Wouter Basson, the former head of South Africa's apartheid-era chemical and biological weapons programs, recently promised to tell his full story at a fundraising dinner for disabled children.

All of the proceeds for the event will go to Amado, a South African non-profit organization dedicated to helping physically disabled and traumatized children though the use of animal therapy, reports.

Amado's founder, M'Lani Basson, reportedly of no relation to Dr. Wouter Basson, said that she asked the man formerly known as Dr. Death to speak because he is controversial.

"He is an excellent speaker," M'Lani Basson said, according to "He doesn't usually accept many speaking engagements but I've got a personal connection with him."

Dr. Basson is currently facing a conduct inquiry by the Health Professions Council of South Africa for his role in Project Coast, the apartheid government's biological and chemical weapons program. His case is set to resume in March.

"From the army, to the case. The number one reason to come to the event is to hear what he has to say," M'Lani Basson said, according to "We've had a lot of interest. But when it comes to buying tickets, not a lot of people have booked. If this event doesn't succeed for us, then nothing will. I chose him because we really need funds for our charity. We don't have any paying children. We needed it to be something different."

The Amado founder said that she hopes at least 100 people will attend the fundraiser. Tickets are on sale for approximately $65 and include dinner and wine, as well as an auction.