Nanologix updates its progress on anthrax detection technology

Nanologix, a biotechnology company, has issued a company update outlining progress the company has made recently in its detection technology that can be used to test for anthrax and pathogenic bacteria.

A third-party study revealed that researchers using Nanologix's BioNanoFilter technology were able to attain detection results for anthrax, group B streptococcus and other bacteria in one hour or less. By reducing detection and identification times from days to hours to minutes, the future of diagnostics may be changed for good, the Motley Fool CAPS Community reports.

Other papers by independent third-party researchers that cover group B streptococcus, tuberculosis and six other bacteria used both BNF and BioNanoPore technologies in various studies and are in various draft and submission stages to major medical and science journals. Recent developments have indicated that BNF test results for identification and detection using BNF technology for live active-threat TB bacteria can occur within hours. Nanologix has also achieved results using BNF technology for cryptosporidium within three hours.

The company continues to develop its BNF product and is currently testing it for a certain strain of listeria. The process to refine and specifically differentiate the targeted strain is being done for a major United States food company.

Nanologix's stock had risen close to 33 percent by Monday since the announcement.