Zimbabwe's minister of health and child welfare debunks typhoid-bioterror link

Henry Madzorera, Zimbabwe's minister of health and child welfare, has dismissed claims made by some officials in the Zanu PF party that the current typhoid outbreak was the result of British biological warfare.

While some officials for Zanu PF had been quoted in local media alleging that the outbreak came from terrorism instituted by the British government, no further evidence was made by officials to support the allegations, the Zimbabwean reports.

"There is no link between the current typhoid outbreak and the British," Madzorera said, according to the Zimbabwean. "We owe it ourselves and there is need to remedy the situation. As a country we should not be suffering from medieval diseases. The problem is that we are receivers of a failed economy."

Typhoid is a systemic bacterial diseases that includes the symptoms of headache, malaise, anorexia, sustained fever, rose spots on the trunk, a non-productive cough, and constipation or diarrhea. Since there are many mild atypical infections of the disease, a person or an area can be a carrier of the disease and not know it.

The city of Harare, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, and multiple international and local organizations are instituting an effort to stop the typhoid outbreak.