Courtagen to team with Tetracore to develop bioagent detector

Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc., recently announced that it will collaborate with Tetracore, Inc., to develop a next generation biothreat assay for identifying and diagnosing high-threat biological agents.

The proteomic and genomic products company said that the target agents for the new assay will include those that cause significant diseases, such as anthrax and plague, as well as dangerous toxins, such as ricin and botulinum.

The joint effort will reportedly focus on quickly and accurately identifying the pathogen, as well as quantifying the magnitude of the potential threat. It will utilize the Courtagen's protein diagnostic technology.

The two companies are pursuing the project as part of an effort to enable the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority and other federal biodefense programs to develop biothreat point-of-care diagnostic countermeasures.

"The unmatched sensitivity, accuracy and ease of use of Courtagen's Avantra(R) Q400 Protein Biomarker Technology combined with Tetracore's biothreat assay expertise will for the first time enable the creation of rapid diagnostic medical countermeasures in the field," Brendan McKernan, Courtagen's president, said.

"This collaboration is a much welcomed opportunity and is on track to produce a powerful solution for point-of-care detection of some of the world's most dangerous agents," Dr. Tom O'Brien, the vice president of Tetracore, said. "Courtagen's unique multiplex detection technology is an ideal platform to leverage our experience and high quality reagents."