Mugabe calls typhoid outbreak "biological warfare"

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party has blamed a typhoid fever outbreak that has impacted 1,500 people in the country's capital Harare on biological warfare.

Claudious Mutero, a spokesperson for Zanu-PF, made the claim in Harare. Meanwhile, Henry Madzorera, the Health and Child Welfare minister, cautioned that the outbreak would spread to other areas due to collapsing sewer and water infrastructure, Africa Review reports.

"The sanctions induced typhoid does not discriminate whether one is MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) or Zanu-PF as it attacks all people irrespective of their sex, ethnic or religious background," Mutero said, according to Africa Review. "We suspect biological warfare by imperialists who are using nationals worldwide as conduits. Councilors must unite and call for the removal of these sanctions."

Mugabe blamed the sanctions imposed on his inner circle for Zimbabwe's economic collapse and said that the West was interested in re-colonizing the continent. Critics of Mugabe said that these claims of renewed imperialism are attempts to mask a failed land grab that ravaged the country's economy, which is based on agriculture.

"This is not the first time that Zanu-PF has made ridiculous claims against foreign countries," Madzorera said, according to Africa Review. "A few years ago, the struggling party alleged that the foreign countries were responsible for the abnormal rainfall in the country."

Madzorera said that the government must put more money into sanitation and water to prevent recurring outbreaks.

"As a country, we should not be suffering from medieval diseases," Mazdorera said, Africa Review reports. "The problem is that we are receivers of a failed economy."