U.K. man jailed for ricin making documents

A man from Bolton, Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom has been jailed for keeping information on making deadly ricin and documents about how to make bombs on a computer memory stick.

Asim Kausar was jailed for two years and three months after pleading guilty to four counts of collecting a record of information that was likely to be useful to a person preparing or committing a terrorist act. The information was discovered when Kausar's family suffered a burglary and Kausar's father gave the memory stick to police so officers could view images of the break-in, the Guardian reports.

There was no evidence in the case that Kausar had any links to terrorists. Kausar told police he'd downloaded the information out of "curiosity and a thirst for knowledge." When officers searched Kausar's bedroom, they found what seemed to be a shopping list of munitions with prices marked down next to various ammunition and weapons.

"I accept that all of this material is available on the internet and can be bought from retailers such as Amazon and I accept some of it is out of date," Judge Andrew Gilbart said upon sentencing Kausar, according to the Guardian. "But that makes them no less dangerous or any less useful to a person committing an act of terrorism."

The information on the memory stick contained a letter written by Kausar, stating, "I want to fight jihad for Allah," according to the Guardian. Police also found a photograph of Kausar posing with a rifle on his mobile phone that was thought to have been taken in Pakistan.