Powder sent to Israeli Consulate in Boston not anthrax

Preliminary testing on a suspicious powder found outside of an Israeli Consulate building in Boston has come up negative for hazardous substances, including anthrax.

The Boston Fire Department said on Tuesday that the powder was not hazardous and that they are doing further tests to determine what the powder might be. The substance caused the diplomatic building to be put on lock-down for several hours on Monday, My Fox Boston reports.

Fire and police crews locked down the building and the surrounding area on Columbus Avenue after two envelopes were found with the word "anthrax" written on them. The incident became Level 2 hazmat when the envelopes, sent from New York as part of a hoax, were found to have a residue on the outside and a powder on the inside. There were approximately 20 workers in the building when the incident occurred.

Hazmat teams are performing further tests to determine what the powder might be. There were no special meetings or events going on in the building at the time of the incident and the name listed in the return address is presumed to be a fake name.

The agency stated that it was not concerned by the scare tactics and it has confidence in emergency officials and their training in dealing with the situation.