The Center for Biosecurity launces first responder iPhone app

The Center for Biosecurity recently announced the launch of its Clinicians' Biosecurity Resource app for the iPhone.

The CBR was designed to give physicians the critical information needed to recognize the signs and symptoms of illnesses caused by six potential biological warfare agents, including anthrax, botulism, Hemorrhagic fever viruses, plague, Variola and tularemia, according to

The center, a nonprofit research organization funded by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, is providing the app free of charge through Apple's iTunes App Store.

In the case of a biological weapons attack, rapid diagnosis and treatment would be essential. The CBR is intended to guide physicians who need to manage the care of patients who might have been exposed to deadly pathogens but may not have specialized in infectious diseases.

The CBR will be reviewed biannually and updated to ensure that each profile remains current and accurate. It is not intended to replace clinical guidance and the center urges clinicians to consult with the necessary agencies or specialists before making decisions about the individual treatments, reports.

Each pathogen profile includes links to guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as other major authorities. The profiles also contain a history of offensive weapons research into each agent.