Smiths Detection launches next-gen portable threat detector

Smiths Detection, an advanced security development company for military and civil markets around the world, announced the launch of a portable next-generation chemical threat detector on Tuesday.

The GUARDION combines a miniaturized toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer and high speed, high-resolution gas chromatography in a portable device. The detectors may greatly enhance emergency and military response capabilities in the field by confirming the identity and presence of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals in multiple forms.

"GUARDION's combination of trusted GC/MS technology and ground-breaking portability makes it the go-to solution when rapid chemical identification is needed to save lives and limit exposure impact," Mal Maginnis, the president of Smiths Detection, said. "It also greatly expands our portfolio of CBRNE detection technologies, allowing armed forces and emergency responders to turn situational awareness into situational certainty."

The device is approximately the size of a small carry-on suitcase, has a start-up time of five minutes and can analyze as many as 30 samples on one battery charge. The company partnered with Torion Technologies to ruggedize, miniaturize and optimize the GC/MS technology and specialized software.

Smiths Detection develops and manufactures government-regulated technology products that can identify and detect chemical and biological agents, explosives, radiological and nuclear threats, contraband and weapons.