SIPP International Industries acquires new bioterror fighting tech.

SIPP International Industries, Inc., recently announced the acquisition of new technology to fight global bioterrorism.

SIPP International's Cell Robotics Imaging Work Station is capable of remotely identifying, isolating and studying pathogenic bioterror agents, such as anthrax, smallpox and botulism. The company plans to integrate the new system into its Z-CAC Controlled Atmosphere Cargo Container, according to

In addition to identifying and researching bioterror agents, physicians can use the system to detect cancer and monitor patients before, during and after medical treatment.

"SIPP is planning to work diligently to improve and enhance these products," Greg Pearson, the chairman of SIPP International, said.

The technology builds on SIPP International's Cell Robotics Work Station by including a new analytical imaging software package that includes data management capabilities and a more powerful version of a tool known as a laser scissors.

The laser scissors module is capable of dissecting fresh, frozen or fixed tissue sections, including live cells, for molecular analyses.

"We are very excited about the Cell Robotics Imaging Work Station," Pearson said. "This cutting-edge technology will further help the medical community at large as well as assist investigators in combating the rising use and threat of biological terrorism. We anticipate this acquisition to accelerate our revenues in the near-term."