U.S. embassy in Uganda closed after powder scare

The U.S. Embassy in Kampala, Uganda, was recently evacuated after a powdery substance was discovered inside of a package.

Officials said that the package, which was delivered to the embassy's human resources section, contained an employment application. Immediately after the powder was found, an announcement was broadcast over the facility's loudspeaker system ordering all staff to leave the building, according to Monitor.co.ug.

"The embassy received a small piece of mail containing unknown substance," Daniel Travis, a public affairs officer, said, AllAfrica.com reports. "That substance is being tested and we expect the embassy to open [today] as usual."

Travis said that there was no immediate indication that the substance was harmful and embassy employees were told to leave as a precautionary measure. The incident occurred as the embassy was closing for the day.

Security at the facility is managed principally by Americans, although Ugandan police guard areas outside the compound's fences.

The facility is considered to be a target for terrorists, particularly those affiliated with Al-Shabaab, an Islamic militant group based in southern Somalia. Ugandan police recently warned that elements from the group have infiltrated Uganda and intend to carry out attacks.