England stockpiling anthrax countermeasures for Olympics

England is currently stockpiling medical countermeasures to cope with a potential bioterror attack during the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

The government's supply of anthrax vaccine faced delivery delays between October 2009 and March 2010 and the resulting shortfall is expected to be made up in the next four months, according to ThisisLondon.co.uk.

In the case of a biological emergency, at least 500 public health workers were recently vaccinated against smallpox as part of what is being called London's largest security operation.

Terrorist groups have used anthrax as a weapon before. In 2001, a series of anthrax-laced letters mailed in the United States killed five people and sickened an additional 17.

London security officials are taking no chances and readying Special Forces troops and snipers to protect the games, but it recently emerged that police were able to smuggle a fake bomb onto the Olympic site, which had already been placed on lockdown.

"The reality is we are testing everything at this stage in order to make sure that we do deliver a safe and secure Olympics," Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said, ThisisLondon.co.uk reports. "We will use every lawful way to make sure undesirable people don't have access to Olympic sites."