Kansas holds bioattack drill

Johnson County, Kansas, recently held a drill designed to test its ability to dispense medical countermeasures in the event of biological emergency.

The public health emergency preparedness plan is in place to organize the handing out of medicines if there is ever an outbreak of anthrax, plague or tularemia, whether it is a naturally occurring event or an intentional release, according to Fox4KC.com.

Public health officials said that the most difficult role the public has to play is filling out the proper form. The rest of the procedure takes only 45 seconds.

"If they go online, fill out their form and bring it in, it'll decrease the time it's going to take for them to go through the whole dispensing process and speed it up," Nancy Tausz of Johnson County Public Health said, Fox4KC.com reports.

Johnson County Health said that it is prepared to dispense countermeasures to the entire population of the county within 48 hours.

During an event, the head of a household can pick up prophylactic medications for their entire family at open dispensing sites or neighborhood dispensing centers.

Additional sites may be set up depending on the nature of the emergency and the target population. Only asymptomatic persons are to receive the medication. Those showing symptoms are to be taken to treatment centers, according to Health.JoCoGov.org.