SIPP International Industries acquires Cell Robotics Imaging Work Station

SIPP International Industries, Inc., a parent company to several divisions in the biotechnology and food industries, announced on Wednesday that it has acquired the cutting-edge Cell Robotics Imaging Work Station.
The station will be used to combat the increasing rate of biological terrorism by remotely isolating and identifying bacteria and researching pathogenic agents such as botulism, smallpox and anthrax. The company acquired the station through the purchase of a secured note that later went into default.
"We are very excited about the Cell Robotics Imaging Work Station," Greg Pearson, the company's chairman, said. "This cutting-edge technology will further help the medical community at large as well as assist investigators in combating the rising use and threat of biological terrorism. We anticipate this acquisition to accelerate our revenues in the near-term."
The technology of the station will also be integrated into the company's Z-CAC Controlled Atmosphere Cargo Container. The station's technology may also be used for the early detection of cancer and monitoring patients before, during and after treatments.
"The technology also provides a perfect synergy with the Cell Robotics Pathology Work Station," Pearson said. "As the industry is evolving toward molecular medicine, the goal of modern physicians and pathologists is to precisely monitor a patient before, during and after treatment. The Cell Robotics Pathology Work Station is designed to provide pathologists with new tools for the retrieval of specific cells to allow molecular analysis of biopsies. Once the specimen of interest is identified by the pathologist, the laser automatically cuts around it using the new auto-cut software."
SIPP International Industries, Inc., is the parent company to multiple divisions, including La Bon Table Gourmet Dinner Entries, "au" Le Cadeau Natural Mountain Spring Water and Newport Creek Hospitality.