Canada seeking chemical warfare training apparel

The Canadian Forces is looking to replenish depleted stocks of long johns at its Counter Terrorism Technology Center in Alberta that can be used during chemical warfare training exercises.
Ottawa has posted a public tender seeking 1,500 sets of top and bottom undergarments to be worn by personnel "under a chemical biological radiological nuclear protective outer garment during chemical warfare agent training exercises," The Star reports.
The 3,000 pieces of underwear, which must be delivered by March 31, will be used at Canadian Forces Base Suffield in Ralston, Alta. The posting does not list how much money has been set aside for the purchase.
The government requires that the clothing be color coordinated according to size, capable of wicking moisture away from the body and durable enough for daily use. The posting states that the underwear should be made of treated microfiber and that the material must be able to withstand temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius and able to withstand "activated carbon" from the outer suit.
“The garments must be robust in design to withstand multiple launderings, be stretched repeatedly and resist abrasion from the outer garment,” the posting said, according to The Star.
CFB Suffield is approximately 250 kilometers southeast of Calgary. The base houses research and development programs to counter chemical, biological and explosive threats, according to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.