U.K. customers urged to return bracelets made with deadly castor bean relative

A group of 36 retailers in the United Kingdom is urging customers to return red and white bracelets made from the Jequirity bean, a poisonous relative of the castor bean, which is the main ingredient of the chemical warfare agent ricin.

The Jequirity bean contains the toxin abrin, which is a controlled substance under the U.K. Terrorism Act. If as little as three micrograms of the toxin are swallowed, it can be deadly, according to The Telegraph.

Those who bought the bracelets are urged to place them in a bag and then wash their hands thoroughly without touching their eyes. The stores that sold the bracelets are offering full refunds.

Rainstick Trading, a Peruvian wholesaler, originally supplied the jewelry to stores in the United Kingdom. The Eden Project in Cornwall reported that it has sold 2,800 of the bracelets over the past year.

"We've identified some of the seeds as potentially dangerous so we have withdrawn the bracelets from sale immediately,” an Eden Project spokesman said, The Telegraph reports. "We have been advised in an extreme case, if these seeds are chewed or ingested it is very dangerous and potentially lethal."

Abrin, the toxin found in the Jequirity bean, is related to ricin, but is considered far more deadly. It can kill in doses 75 times smaller than ricin. Symptoms of abrin poisoning include acute gastroenteritis with vomiting, diarrhea, shock and potentially kidney failure.

In the United States, there have been three recorded cases of Jequirity beans killing children who swallowed them. There are also several recorded cases of jewelry makers who have died after pricking their fingers with the needles they used to bore through the seeds.