Nunn-Lugar program destroys 121.66 metric tons of nerve agent

U.S. Senator Dick Lugar announced on Wednesday that the Nunn-Lugar Global Cooperative Threat Reduction Program destroyed 121.66 metric tons of nerve agent, a chemical weapon, during the month of October.
The program also secured four nuclear weapon train transport shipments in October.

Lugar delivered a speech on Veteran's Day at Indiana University, calling for increased efforts to stop the threat of weapons of mass destruction before they reach the U.S.
“Achieving this mission requires constant vigilance," Lugar said. "I will continue my efforts to bolster Nunn-Lugar activities that eliminate threats to U.S. security before they reach our shores."
According to the Nunn-Lugar scorecard, the program destroyed 2,486.9 metric tons of Albanian and Russian chemical weapons agent and built and equipped 34 biological threat monitoring stations. In addition, the program deactivated 7,601 strategic nuclear warheads, destroyed 792 intercontinental ballistic missiles and eliminated 498 ICBM silos.
Lugar and Senator Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) authored the Nunn-Lugar Act in November 1991. The act established the program, which has provided U.S. expertise and support to help the former Soviet Union safeguard and dismantle its stockpiles of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, along with related materials and delivery systems. The Nunn-Lugar Expansion Act, passed in 2003, authorized operators outside of the former Soviet Union to address threats of proliferation. In 2004, funds from the program were committed to destroy chemical weapons in Albania.