Anthrax hoax letter sent to Italian prime minister

Three suspicious envelopes containing white powder were intercepted by police this week, including one addressed to Mario Monti, Italy's prime minister, while the others were sent to the Milan stock market and the Equitalia headquarters.
The letter addressed to the prime minister was sent to his private residence and was discovered on Wednesday by routine checks on his mail. The powder was determined not to be anthrax or any other dangerous substance, AGI reports.
The sender's address was fake and as of yet no one has claimed responsibility for sending it.
According to Carlo Lucchina, the director-general of the Lombardy region, the white powder discovered in the other two envelopes on Thursday was "definitely not anthrax, but something like sugar," ANSA reports.
Eleven people who were in contact with the letters were sent to Sacco hospital for further health checks after the powder was discovered. Firefighters, police and bioterror police were on hand at the locations to investigate the mysterious letters. The letters contained no written messages.
A suspect envelope likewise containing white powder was discovered in Equitalia's main office in Rome on Tuesday. Less than two weeks ago, a letter bomb exploded in the same office, injuring the company's managing director Marco Cuccagna.