Army procures biodetection equipment

Universal Detection Technology, a developer of early warning monitoring technologies, announced on Thursday that it has received a purchase order for its biological detection equipment from the US Army.
UNDT's technologies protect against biological, chemical and radiological threats, particularly against ricin and anthrax. The WMD Center released a report in October that found the United States unprepared for a large-scale biological attack, despite spending more than $65 billion on biodefense in the past decade.
"A small team of individuals with training in key disciplines can produce the type of bioweapons created by nation-states in the 1960s," the report said.
The report warned that due to technological advances, the threat of biological weapons is now greater than ever.
"We are very pleased to supply our armed forces with the tools to detect agents of bioterror such as anthrax and ricin," Jacques Tizabi, UNDT's chairman and CEO, said. "We understand that, unfortunately, the threat posed by biological weapons is very dangerous to the government and the civilian sectors."
On its own and with development partners, UNDT is situated to capitalize on Homeland Security related opportunities. The company resells chemical agent detectors, radiation detection systems and handheld assays used to detect five bioterrorism agents.