Anthrax scare reported at Illinois bank

An unidentified woman recently touched off an anthrax scare when she walked into a Streamwood, Illinois, bank and told people there that she had exposed them to the deadly agent.

The Streamwood Fire Department immediately dispatched a hazmat team to the Bank of America branch where the incident occurred. An additional hazmat unit was requested from the South Elgin Fire Protection District and a mobile decontamination unit was called from the Arlington Heights Fire Department, according

A bank employee reported that the woman entered the bank and began telling people she had exposed them to anthrax.

Streamwood police Deputy Chief Jim Gremo said that the woman was wiping her clothes with her hands. She then ran from the bank, according to

The bank branch was isolated and fire officials wearing chemical protective clothing entered to take samples from a material the woman left behind. They determined there were no harmful substances left in the building.

Employees were familiar with the woman and her claims. Police intend to visit her home, but are not likely to make an arrest. They have no plans to charge her with a crime.

“We just want to make sure she’s okay,” Gremo said, reports.