Eco-Safe Systems USA introduces portable decontamination unit

Eco-Safe Systems USA, Inc., recently announced the introduction of a new, portable hazardous materials decontamination product-line.

Los Angeles-based Eco-Safe currently has plans to accept orders for the new units beginning in 2012. The company, known predominantly for manufacturing water treatment and water reclamation systems, is using similar ozone-related technology in its hazardous materials decontamination systems.

“For nearly two years we have been working with local and national governmental agencies to develop hazmat decon systems to deal with biological contaminants,” Eco-Safe CEO Michael Elliot said. “Ozone is the most powerful broad-spectrum decontamination agent available, and inactivates biological weapons agents such as anthrax, ricin, and nerve toxins.

"One of our systems is currently deployed with one of the nation's elite Hazmat response teams. Hazmat Ozone disinfection will find application throughout our country's first responder networks. A full patent application for Eco-Safe's first Hazmat system was submitted in the summer of 2011 to the U.S. Patent Office. We look for this to be one of our flagship applications in the new year."

“It's not a matter of whether or not it will work, because we know that ozone is the best weapon to fight anthrax,” Mirat Gural, a researcher who received a National Science Foundation grant to study ozone’s effectiveness against anthrax, said.