Ghana encourages development of biosafety regime

The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa recently held a meeting in Accra, Ghana, aimed at encouraging participation in the development of a practical biosafety regime.

Dr. George Owusu Essegbey, the director of the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, called for policy-makers, scientists and the public to recognize the importance of biosafety in Ghana. He said that the country needs to ensure transparent and logical administrative procedures that are backed by a legally enforceable regulatory regime, according to

The meeting also served as a means for biotechnology stakeholders to interact with scientists, journalists, civil society groups and policy-makers.

Modern biotechnology is regarded as a promising means for Ghana to improve living conditions, increase food delivery and enhance the nation’s health. There is concern among the public, however, about the potential risks involved.

Essegbey expressed his hope that the implementation of a biosafety framework in the country would increase public knowledge, and in turn, help create the support needed to develop a biotechnology industry in Ghana.

The OFAB Ghana Chapter is the sixth to be established in Africa as part of an initiative between the African Agricultural Technology Foundation, based in Kenya, and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, based in South Africa.