Saudi prince calls for his country to acquire WMDs

Saudi Arabian prince Turki bin Faisal has called for his country to acquire WMDs, including biological weapons, to ensure that the nuclear ambitions of Iran and Israel do not threaten Saudi Arabia's security.

“If our efforts and the efforts of the world community fail to bring about the dismantling of the Israeli arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and preventing Iran from acquiring the same, then why shouldn’t we at least study seriously all available options, including acquiring WMDs, so that our future generations will not blame us for neglecting any courses of action that will keep looming dangers away from us," bin Faisal said, reports.

The West currently holds good relations with Saudi Arabia, but bin Faisal's comments are expected to test that relationship.

Further complicating matters is bin Faisal's relationship with Osama Bin Laden during the CIA-backed war in Afghanistan in the 1980s, according to

Experts have cautioned that the EU, which is currently considering a ban on Iranian imports, might ban oil imports from Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the proposed WMD purchases.

Iran has warned that it will raise the price of crude oil barrels to $250 if it faces sanctions for its nuclear weapons programs and experts are worried that Saudi Arabia could follow suit.