Cuba reiterates its stance against bioweapons

During the Biological Weapon Convention's seventh review conference in Geneva, Cuba reiterated its support on behalf of the Non-Alignment Movement  to prevent the use of such weapons.
Rodolfo Benitez, the Cuban ambassador, questioned the opposition of several members of the BWC to adopt a legally binding protocol that is aimed at strengthening the convention. The opposition came after seven years of negotiation and when it had practically concluded, the Presna Latina news agency reports.
Benitez reaffirmed how important the agreement's regulations are on international cooperation for the peaceful use of materials, agents and equipment in the areas of biotechnology and biology for developing nations. He also said that it was unfortunate that some states maintain prohibitions and restrictions against others, preventing the free transfer of technologies and materials in violation of what the convention lays out.
Benitez said that one of the clearest examples of the violation is the commercial, financial and economic blockade of the United States against Cuba. He referred to the blockade as a criminal measure that has lasted for nearly half a century, according to Radio Cadena Agramonte.
Cuba was elected to the vice-chairmanship of the conference during the inaugural session and will lead the NAM group at the meeting that will run until December 22.