Israel to simulate bioterror attack

The Defense and Health Ministries in Israel are preparing to hold a two day drill starting Wednesday that will test the country's preparedness for an unconventional terrorist attack.
The exercise, called "Orange Flame 6," will examine the potential of an outbreak of an infectious disease in the country's northern cities. The drill is part of a series of training exercises planned by the Defense Ministry. Another drill that is scheduled for January will simulate a radiological attack on Haifa, Y Net News reports.
As part of the event, fake patients will flood northern hospitals presenting the symptoms of a suspicious illness. Medical crews will use this simulation to practice responding quickly to a biological attack, while an inter-ministerial committee will train on managing such a national crisis.
Distributing vaccinations and quarantining entire regions are just two of the possible strategies the state could implement should an agent like chicken pox or anthrax be unleashed on Israel's population.
On the second day of the drill, local authorities will open clinics that simulate the treatment of civilians infected in the biological attack. Each center will practice treating approximately 5,000 patients a day, according to Y Net News.

Experts estimate that if such an epidemic were to break out, thousands of healthy citizens will arrive at hospitals fearing that they have been infected, which could overload the medical crews and prevent the sick from getting treatment.
Home Front Command, fire and police departments, local authorities, clinics and hospitals plan to take part in the drill, along with other national establishments.