Prank causes anthrax fear

A prank that was directed at a first selectman in Bridgewater, Conn., has resulted in the arrest of a New Milford attorney on charges of harassment and breach of peace.
A package that eventually was found to contain kids excavation toys and sandbox tools was allegedly traced back to attorney Paul Garlasco, the Housatonic Times reports. Bill Stuart, the first selectman, requested that police remove it and investigate the matter. The package was found to be clear of anthrax, explosives or anything too nefarious. Garlasco maintains that the charges are misdirected.
The legal issue between Stuart and Garlasco stems from a July lawsuit that saw George Allingham, a former friend of the first selectman's, sue Stuart for allegedly damaging wetlands in town for the convenience of the town leader's horse farm business. Stuart implied that the playtime tools were a reference to the ongoing lawsuit.
Garlasco contends that Stuart used undue influence and took improper actions to prevent the residential development on a piece of land owned by Garlasco's wife. Since that time, the two have engaged in a public and litigious feud. Garlasco describes the package stunt as beneath him.
“I don’t need to send a dead skunk or whatever he got because I got him by the tail,” Garlasco said, according to the Housatonic Times. “I’m not going to send somebody a package when I got him by the short hairs."
Stuart said that he is seeking a restraining order against Garlasco. Garlasco will appear in court for the criminal case on December 12.