New Zealand leader calls for increased biosecurity

New Zealand Labor Party leader Philip Goff recently declared that the country must develop a first class biosecurity system.

Goff said that increased trade, travel and climate change will bring unprecedented changes to the island nation, and with it, increased threats to the health and security of its citizens, according to

“We need biosecurity vigilance to protect our country from environmental and economic damage from pest invaders, and from severe health threats like avian influenza,” Goff said, reports.

Goff pledged that the Labor Party will restore funding and efficiency to border control efforts. He decried changes made by the National Party of New Zealand that he said have left the country’s ports vulnerable to biological threats.

“National has taken resources from the biosecurity frontline and placed them into a Joint Border Management System aimed at coordinating border agencies in their multiple objectives at the border,” Goff said, according to “While better coordination and sharing of information and systems is desirable, this must not undermine the ability to provide frontline border protection. Nor must biosecurity standards be compromised to facilitate easier border passage for tourists and imported goods.”

The opposition leader claimed that the Labor Party would also restore funding to frontline biosecurity services that was cut in 2009.