England sending chemical weapons experts to Libya

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced that he would send chemical weapons experts to Libya to help an international team dispose of secret caches of Libyan chemical weapons.

Cameron said that the weapons were produced behind the backs of weapons inspectors who were in Libya before the international effort to remove dictator Muammar Qaddafi began in March, according to the Tribune.

“In the last few days we have learnt that the new Libyan authorities have found chemical weapons that were kept hidden from the world,” Cameron said, the Tribune reports.

The prime minister said that when Qaddafi agreed to dismantle his weapons of mass destruction programs in 2003, it was clear that he had already decided to proceed with another means of producing the weapons.

Cameron lauded the efforts of the British military and derided its doubters.

“I would argue that our action helped keep the Arab Spring alive,” Cameron said, the Tribune reports. “Some told us we shouldn’t, because they said it would only end in failure. Some said we couldn’t, because they said Britain didn’t have the military might any more.

“Well, to those who predicted failure, look at what we have achieved. We saved civilian lives as Qaddafi’s tanks bore down on Benghazi. We helped the Libyan people to liberate themselves.”

A small military liaison team will be dispatched to Libya in the coming weeks to work alongside a group of American experts. Together, they will establish a counter WMD proliferation program for the National Transitional Government.