Georgia plot aimed to kill thousands with ricin

In court on Wednesday, prosecutors alleged that the four accused Georgia militia members were determined to poison and kill thousands of people with a single terrorist strike.
The informant in the investigation recorded Samuel Crump saying that he wanted to make 10 pounds of the deadly toxin ricin and divide it up to strike across various U.S. cities. In an affidavit, the government said  the four also targeted Attorney General Eric Holder and former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, CBS Atlanta reports.
"There ain't no cure for it either," Crump said on the recording, according to CBS Atlanta. "And it works, I think, within two hours."
The families of the defendants claim that these were just old men running their mouths and the defense attorneys said that the undercover informant was a former child molester who was trying to save himself. The families agreed and said that the men would never hurt anyone.
Prosecutors outlined Frederick Thomas' plot to get explosives, including a reconnaissance trip to Atlanta with the informant who recorded the conversation. They said that Thomas had the means to carry out his plans due to his arsenal of 52 guns and 30,000 rounds of ammunition in his Cleveland, Ga. home. Police allegedly found the ammo the night Thomas was arrested.
The four men are currently in federal custody and will return to federal court next Tuesday.