North Korea working with Iran on missile program

Hundreds of North Korean nuclear weapons and missile experts are believed to be collaborating with local counterparts in at least 10 locations within Iran.

South Korean diplomatic sources said the revelation supports long-held suspicious that North Korea has been a major player in Iran’s secret nuclear weapon and missile programs, which could be tipped with biological or chemical weapons, according to

The international community has long suspected that North Korea has been behind the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology to Iran, Syria, Myanmar and Pakistan.

"Hundreds of North Korean nuclear and missile engineers and scientists have been working at more than 10 sites (in Iran), including Natanz and Qom," the source said, reports. The source added that the information came from human intelligence but did not elaborate further.

The information came to light only days after the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, expressed its concern that there are military dimensions to the Iranian nuclear program.

The IAEA said in a report that it believes Iran carried out activities that were tied to the development of a nuclear explosive device under a structured program until 2003 and that some of its activities may be ongoing.

The source said North Koreans appear to be visiting Iran via third party countries and may be rotated in and out of the country every three to six months.

South Korea’s top spy intelligence agency, the National Intelligence Service, said that it could not confirm the information, citing security reasons.