U.N. calls for nations to work closely to prevent bioterror threat

A recent United Nations report concluded that no single agency was capable of the responsibility and effort needed to prevent and respond to the threat posed by chemical and biological weapons.

The U.N. Count-Terterrorism Implementation Task Force report called for the United Nations and other international bodies to cooperate more closely on facing the threat posed by terrorist groups that could potentially wield chemical or biological weapons, according to UPI.

“Measures to develop and enhance preparedness against chemical and biological weapon use by terrorists should be pursued in a broader chemical, biological, radiological ad nuclear context,” the UNCTIF report said, UPI reports.

The report further stated that it recommends a regional approach to technical assistance programs created to react in the case of an accidental or deliberate release of a biological or chemical agent.

The report was released close to a declaration from U.S. President Barack Obama that the national emergency regarding weapons of mass destruction will continue. The U.S. Department of State said that the U.S. military has destroyed nearly 90 percent of its original chemical weapons stockpile.

“We reaffirm our commitment to finish the job as quickly as possible in accordance with the national and treaty requirements that ensure the safety of people and the protection of the environment,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, UPI reports.