Georgia group "one ingredient" away from ricin

According to a criminal indictment, the four Georgia men who were indicted for allegedly planning terror attacks had the weapons they wanted and were one ingredient away from making the deadly toxin ricin.
Two days before their arrest, defendants Samuel Crump and Ray Adams said they required just one more ingredient to produce ricin. Adams said he needed one pound of lye and would then be ready to start the process of making the deadly toxin, NBC 11 Alive reports.
On November 1, the day they were arrested, Dan Roberts and Frederick Thomas met with an undercover agent, giving him cash and a firearm. In return, they received a silencer and what they believed were explosives. According to the indictment, Thomas allegedly had written instructions for detonating a destructive device in his possession.
While three of the suspects had no history of extremism, Daniel Roberts had been on the radar of the Anti-Defamation League for some time.
"He's been on our radar as someone who is outside the main stream and appears to be an activist in the militia movement," Bill Nigut, the Southeast regional director of the ADL, said, according to NBC 11 Alive.
The four men are accused of planning attacks on unnamed government officials with ricin and explosives. A bond hearing, along with a preliminary hearing, was held today.