1 Priority Biocidal introduces anti-anthrax foam

The Texas-based biotechnology company 1 Priority Biocidal recently introduced Steriplex Ultra, a product designed to destroy anthrax spores within 30 minutes of contact.

Steriplex, which can be delivered through Biocidal’s CO2 nitrogen-driven spray equipment, is a non-corrosive, non-fuming and non-toxic silver-based solution, according to FireChief.com.

Dan Galloway, Biocidal’s CEO, said that Steriplex Ultra is suitable for use by trained individuals to decontaminate buildings, vehicles and personal protection equipment. The product is one of only two registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an anthrax countermeasure.

Steriplex Ultra uses a wetting agent that insulates and isolates the anthrax spores in order to prevent secondary aerosolization.

Galloway said that first responders will no longer be allowed to use bleach, foam or other common substances that were used for remediation after the 2001 anthrax attacks. Those countermeasures will soon not be in compliance with EPA regulations.

“Fire chiefs need to know that the EPA has made bleach and foams for anthrax remediation unlawful to use, creating unintentional liabilities for first responders and departments who use those substances,” Galloway said, FireChief.com reports.

Dallas Fire Rescue recently began using Steriplex in order to avoid using chlorine dioxide.

“We like the product because it’s effective against anthrax, and it is non-corrosive,” Captain Ted Padgett said, according to FireChief.com. “We needed something that was non-fuming and non-toxic to the skin and was easy for firefighter-paramedics to use.”