Smiths Detection teams with ANP Technology for biothreat detector

Smiths Detection recently announced an upcoming partnership with ANP Technology to produce its immunoassay technology, which can be used in the field to detect and identify the presence of a biological threat.

ANP’s Nano-Intelligent Detection System is intended to compliment Smiths Detection’s arsenal of biological detection equipment for use in defense and emergency response situations, according to

Smiths Detection will begin marketing ANP’s NIDS in November, alongside its Prime Alert and BioCheck Detection series. Used together, the systems can rapidly detect and identify the presence of bioagents, such as anthrax, plague and tularemia, as well as the biotoxins ricin and botulinum.

“This partnership highlights Smiths Detection’s commitment to providing first responders worldwide with the best technology available to assess and mitigate potential biological incidents as quickly and accurately as possible,” Bob Bohn, of Smith Detection’s chemical and biological systems, said, reports.

NIDS combines a multiplexed immunoassay test strip that can identify up to five different biothreats in a single use with a limited chance for false positives, a common problem for many rapid immunoassay products.

“Smiths Detection is an ideal partner because of its global customer base and reputation for providing best in class technologies,” Dr. Ray Yin, president of ANP, said, according to By working together to offer a breadth of complementary bio-detection products, we can significantly strengthen the capabilities of first responders around the world.”