Libyan paper says rebels planned anthrax attack

According to information from the Libyan publication Zengetna, rebels may have been preparing an operation to launch biological weapons as part of an attack in Sirte.
The publication claims that the rebels were planning to send a group into Sirte to disperse anthrax in the city to kill the population that was resistant to the rebellion. In an editorial for Mathaba, the writer asked if this proposed use of biological weapons was coordinated with NATO and the TNC, Mathaba reports.
"The front of the Libyan 'Hello Misrata' has evidence that a large amount of anthrax was brought into Libya illegally, transiting the Aljagbob region from Egyptian territory," the author wrote, according to Mathaba. "The group accompanying the shipment of anthrax was surprised by the fighters from the front of the salvation of Misrata who have killed the rebels involved and recovered all their cargo consisting of three canisters of anthrax and a laptop. One of the rebels confessed that important information is stored in the computer. This information will be publicly available soon. The rebel was sentenced to death and executed. It's amazing to see that the rebels use any means to force the people of Libya to accept them!"
The Libyan civil war began on February 15 as a series of peaceful protests that escalated through the use of military force against the protesters. The conflict was waged between forces loyal to Col. Muammar Qaddafi and his regime and those seeking to depose him.
According to a report by the New York Times, Libyan officials claim that Qaddaffi was killed on Thursday during a battle in Sirte.