Florida judge testifies in white powder hoax case

A Florida appellate judge recently testified against a man he sent to prison who later sent him a threatening envelope filled with white powder from a prison psychiatric ward.

The judge, Anthony Black, said he could not remember the face or the case of Kenneth McElwaney, a sex offender and self-proclaimed member of the white supremacist gang the Aryan Nations. McElwaney is charged with threatening the judge in two letters mailed to Black’s courthouse, according to TampaBay.com.

In 2005, Black sentenced McElwaney to 30 years for violating his parole in relation his pleading guilty to attempted sexual battery in 1988. Prosecutors allege that McElwaney waited five years before mailing Black for the first time.

The second letter, containing the white powder, prompted the evacuation of the courthouse where Black worked. The white powder, feared to be anthrax, turned out to be harmless, TampaBay.com reports.

The court clerk who originally found the second letter also received threats from McElwaney, who managed to determine her home address while staying at his prison’s psychiatric ward.

When asked why he was in the psychiatric ward, McElwaney told a detective that it was too hot in the main prison so he misbehaved in order to get moved to the air conditioned facility.