Ivins' colleagues question his guilt

Two former colleagues of accused anthrax mailer Bruce Ivins, both now professors at the University of Wyoming, say that the evidence clearly shows Ivins could not have carried out the crime.

UW professors Jerry J. Adamovicz and Gerry Andrews both worked with Ivins at the U.S. Army Advanced Research Institute of Infectious Disease in Frederick, Maryland, in 2001, where Ivins, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, produced the anthrax used in the attacks, according to UMYO.edu.

"The scientific evidence clearly shows that the (anthrax) wasn't produced in our laboratory (USAMRIID)," the two UW professors said, UMYO.edu reports. "The FBI based part of its case on unusual activity that took place in our lab for one week. There is no way he could produce that amount of spores in our lab during that time."

Adamovicz said that other independent laboratories were unable to recreate the anthrax under similar conditions, nor was the FBI able to recreate the strain used in the attack.

"The FBI's own evidence suggested a more advanced laboratory produced it," Adamovicz said, UMYO.com said.

Adamovicz is scheduled to appear on a new PBS Frontline special, “The Anthrax Files,” where he will make a similar claim.

The FBI’s investigation into the anthrax attacks is considered its most costly and complex. After seven years, the FBI identified Ivins as the sole perpetrator. The FBI announced its conclusions after Ivins had taken his own life.