Vice president Biden's brother sent anthrax hoax letter

The brother of U.S. President Joe Biden was recently placed in the hospital overnight after opening a package containing a suspicious white powder that was initially feared to be anthrax.

Francis Biden said that his girlfriend Mindy retrieved a large manila envelope addressed to him from their roadside mailbox in Ocean Ridge, Florida, according to AFP.

"She retrieved it, but I was the one who opened it," Biden said, AFP reports. "It was mailed from India."

Biden called the authorities after a white powder spilled out of the envelope and made contact with his skin. Local law enforcement closed off the street and evacuated Biden’s neighbors. Both Biden and his girlfriend were taken to a nearby hospital.

“I was the only one who came in contact with the powder so they kept me," Biden, who was released the next day, said, according to AFP.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that the powder appears to be harmless.

In 2001, a series of anthrax tainted mailings alarmed the American public only days after the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Five people were killed by the anthrax mailings and 17 more were injured. Some of the victims were in South Florida.