Cheney says next terror attack will be biological or nuclear

According to former vice president Dick Cheney, the next terrorist attack on the Western world could be nuclear or biological and the death toll could total in the hundreds of thousands.
Cheney spoke with the Toronto Sun on Monday to discuss his life in politics, which he recounted in the recently released memoir. In the book, Cheney recounts his long career in Washington, including stints at chief of staff to president Gerald Ford and as Secretary of Defense under George Bush, Sr., the Toronto Sun reports.
"My biggest concern today when I think about a threat is the possibility that there'll be another major attack but next time they will have deadlier weapons, not just airline tickets and box cutters," Cheney said, according to the Toronto Sun. "I worry very much about the possibility of a group of terrorists getting their hands on a biological agent of some kind or a nuclear device and setting one of those off in the middle of one of our cities. That would be devastating, obviously. The death toll would run into the hundreds of thousands."
Cheney also spoke about how the problem of terrorism still exists, despite the fact that there has been no follow up attack since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. Cheney said that it is easier for people to forget what the morning of the attack was like as time passes from the actual event.
"But if you've had the opportunity to spend as much time on it as I did, it really shaped the rest of our presidency, the Bush-Cheney administration," Cheney said, according to the Toronto Sun. "You have to be very concerned, the problem still exists."