Anthrax hoax reported at CBS' Television City

Police and emergency vehicles reported to CBS' Television City in Hollywood, Calif., on Wednesday after an employee reported white powder spilling out of a letter in the CBS mailroom.
Law enforcement teams, including the L.A. City Hazardous Materials team, were on the scene and determined that the powder was a "non-harmful" substance, though they were still unclear on what the substance was. The letter was addressed to the show "Dancing with the Stars" and was not sent to a specific participant, the Associated Press reports.
“Outside of mail room operations being suspended for a few hours, no business operations or show productions were affected,” Chris Ender, a CBS spokesman, said, according to the Associated Press.
No one was exposed to the powder and no injuries have been reported.
This latest scare comes on the heels of an anthrax scare at CBS last year when the studio went on lockdown after production staff found white powder in a letter addressed to Bristol Palin, who at the time was a competitor on the network's dancing program.
Officials intercepted a threatening letter from overseas addressed to Craig Fersugon, host of the "Late Late Show," last month that contained white powder. The powder was later determined to be cornmeal.
Television city houses productions for many different television shows, including ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," Fox's "American Idol" and "The Price is Right."