Army CBRN co. holds training academy in Kuwait

Soldiers from the 44th CBRN Company recently held a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training academy at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, to offer insight into their capabilities.

During the four day training event, students from various units conducted hazardous response platoon training, took on decontamination operations, conducted mounted CBRN reconnaissance instruction and participated in a simulated attack on the base with chemical weapons, according to

“The training focused on giving students from the academy a taste of what we actually do,” Major Jason Snelgrove, the commander of the 44th CBRN Company, said, reports. “The soldiers will go back to their unit with a little more knowledge, be subject matter experts and let their unit know what capabilities the chemical corps can provide.

“My objective was to market the chemical corps and its capabilities, because a lot of people don’t know what we do."

Many soldiers, even those in the chemical field, are often assigned to positions outside their military occupational specialty.

“Most chemical operations specialists don’t get a chance to train or serve in an actual chemical unit,” Snelgrove said, according to “Most are out with the rest of the Army, in combat arms, and are SMEs for those types of units.”

The training was an opportunity for participants to learn about the newest procedures and equipment and to work with soldiers from other units. Despite the 100 degree heat, most found it beneficial.

“The training was excellent,” Specialist Gregory Snow, a radar mechanic with the 1st Battalion, 44th Air Defense Missile Artillery Regiment, said, reports. “We got to see how a real chemical unit works and we came away with a better idea about how to do their jobs.”