Anniston Chemical Depot to finish chemical weapons destruction next week

The Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility in Anniston, Alabama, announced that it will finish the elimination of more than 660,000 chemical weapons in the next week.

The facility began its elimination program in 2003, but chemical weapons have been stored at the site since 1963, according to

“I am relieved,” Tim Garrett, the project manager at the site, said, reports. “And I’d say I’m proud.”

The earthen bunkers at the facility served as a storage site for some of the nation’s most dangerous weapons for 48 years. Over the past eight years, U.S. Army and Westinghouse contractors have manned three furnaces to complete the elimination project. Over 1,000 workers are currently involved in the plant's operations.

“People have been here 24/7,” Army spokesman Mike Abrams said, reports.

The depot site contained both nerve gas and mustard gas. The final shipment of mustard gas projectiles was shipped to the incinerator on September 8.

Calhoun County Commission Chairman Eli Henderson, a former depot worker tasked with finding leaky nerve agent projectiles, is glad the project is almost finished.

“There could have been a bad accident or incident…back then,” he Henderson, according to “I think it’s tremendous what the workforce out there has accomplished.”