Umatilla facility hits weapons disposal milestone

The Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility in Umatilla, Oregon, recently reached the 90 percent completion point in its final HD mustard agent disposal campaign.

The UMCDF incineration plant destroyed its 2,371st ton container after averaging the elimination of 5.5 ton containers every day for the last 21 days. The facility has 264 ton containers waiting to be destroyed, according to

“As we move closer to eliminating the Umatilla stockpile safely and compliantly, we are continuing to plan our closure activities,” Gary Anderson, the UMCDF Army site project manager, said, reports. “Continuity of our safety culture from operations to closure is of paramount importance and critical to our continued success.”

It has been slightly more than seven years since the plant began the elimination of vast quantities of mustard agent and officials a project the project’s completion sometime in November.

“Reaching the 90 percent mark in the disposal campaign is a significant milestone. We have made great strides in ensuring safety and environmental compliance, both in transporting the munitions from the depot to the plant and in the disposal process,” Lt. Col. Kris Perkins, the UMCD commander, said, according to

The mustard agent campaign is the 13th for the depot and disposal plant. The project has successfully eliminated six kinds of GB or sarin-filled munitions and six types of VX-filled munitions. Both the GB and VX munitions also contained an explosive element.